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Исполнитель: Роман Архипов

Название песни: I'm Not Running

Продолжительность mp3: 03:38

Дата добавления: 2014-09-16

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Текст песни:

I'm not Running

When you were, somewhere
I was loving being nowhere
My inside, out side
Kept on looking for a new high


But now that storm has gone
You know it’s never coming back
You know me


But it feels like
Everybody wants you
Out of my life
And it feels like
Nobody knows the truth
Only me and you
I’m not running


Back then, I would
Try to get with everyone that I could
You chained me, I’m caught
Gave me everything that you’ve got


The situation changed
I’m just a player in your game
You know this



I don’t want us to breakdown
But all the people are so loud
I’m just hoping we’re strong enough to take it

Cu it feels like……

Видео: John Mellencamp - I'm Not Running Anymore


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