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Исполнитель: Another Mask

Название песни: Whatever

Продолжительность mp3: 03:06

Дата добавления: 2014-07-14

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Текст песни:

Is this a place where it all ends?
Is it your face or just another mask?

When I see you again
Let's play it like a game
The things that we said
Never meant anything

No need for explanations
We breathe careless and free again

And well you've told these lies for too long
Replace the words in any order
It still won't make a sense at all
The time keeps going on and on
While we are drowning helpless

Whatever, I don't care
But tell me why
We still cannot believe our words
And let it go, oh please let it go

Ok, we're set and done, untie the ropes, Unchain the thoughts
We're going down with this ship, it doesn’t matter who runs first
The past is overrated; see there's future in the way?
And it won't help, 'cause i don't listen what you say

Don't say a word
This place is just too loud
We'll wave our hands
And get lost in the crowd
With a lump in a throat you know you Have to move on

And time heals us...


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